Welcome to Lobo Bats Website. Let's introduce  (Lobo Bats),the goal is to make affordable wood bats, and located in Dallas-Fort Worth Metro=plex. We are small and do one bat at a time.

We focus on hand crafting a wood bat which can be used in High School and Adult baseball leagues.However they are not BBCOR certified.  Lobo Bats make White Ash  and Maple Bats. Currently, 90% of  orders are Maple, but are able to do White Ash.    

We use good quality wood, from 4 suppliers, and  hand craft these bats in Texas. Primarily focus on lengths of 31", 32", 33" and 34" bats.

Bats are measured, cut, sanded, sealed, (double stained, if ordered) , even painted, and double poly-coated for durability. All bats have the company Logo  on it, with finishing colored tape, by the Logo.


We have started a new "prototype" bat Called "SHADOW" bat. This bat has combinations of colors and looks like Ghost paint job.           MZE 

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